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To become a financial services company with highest ethical, quality and professional standards while earning utmost trust of its clients.

The foundation of our service quality is experience. This experience provides the knowledge and judgment necessary to understand and adapt the project process to the many and often complex factors.

We provide expert services in Asset Based Lending Valuations

JNK Enterprises (Pvt.) Limited maintains the highest integrity in carrying out valuations and will not accept instructions in circumstances...

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Planning, Project Management, Construction Management, Civil Site Design, Underground Utility Design, Underground & Overhead Water Storage

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Welcome to JNK Enterprises

Reliability, Knowledge, Experience, Impartiality, Professionalism

JNK Enterprises (Pvt.) Limited work with its clients to provide professional, independent, accurate and accountable valuation advice. We distinguish ourselves through:


Extensive industry experience and professional qualifications.  Over Rs 7 Billion of valuations till date.


A commitment to understanding our client’s business and assets.


An ‘ideal scale’ of business that allows us to commit senior expertise to every client and throughout every project.


JNK Enterprises (Pvt.) Limited deliver solutions encompassing plant and machinery, specialist property and infrastructure assets across industries throughout Pakistan. This broad set of capabilities and a flexible approach to meeting our client’s specific needs make JNK Enterprises (Pvt.) Limited an ideal valuation partner.